Your data analysis should inform your decisions, not drain your resources.

CASSI™ is SWI’s modular analytic product based on best practices for the energy sector gained through years of operating experience. Along with a series of base modules, CASSI™ can be further customized to meet your specific analytics requirements.

  • Dashboards, reports and drill-downs that summarize work management metrics and enable effective root cause analysis
  • Fully automated processing and reporting on key metrics allowing you to focus on analyzing results and improving management and execution rather than on collecting and validating data
  • Customized presentations for meetings or review processes
  • A flexible browser-based user interface to easily control key parameters as required
  • Comprehensive documentation, including details on how metrics are calculated

CASSI™ Modules Include:

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CASSI™ Support

CASSI™ is an energy sector business intelligence (BI) solution that delivers key work management metrics to your stakeholders to support the continuous improvement of maintenance activities essential to power generators and utilities.
To reach SWI’s dedicated team for CASSI™, please contact:

CASSI™ Online

CASSI™ Online Reporting supports all standard and recommended AP-928 metrics plus additional industry standard indicators.

CASSI™ Online Reporting delivers key INPO metrics to support the maintenance of a plant during full operation. These metrics are essential to a top tier energy facility and include indicators such as:

  • Scope, Stability and Survival
  • Schedule Stability
  • Schedule Adherence and Completion
  • PMs Deep in Grace
  • PM Deferrals
  • Emergent Work


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CASSI™ Outage/Turnaround

How do energy companies improve their outage performance? They utilize a suite of metrics that allow them to see what’s wrong, identify the cause, and establish a plan for continuous improvement.

CASSI™ Outage/Turnaround Reporting is essential to a successful outage program. CASSI™ can be leveraged for outage planning and execution by delivering key performance indicators and enabling rapid root cause analysis.

CASSI™ Outage/Turnaround includes key preparation and execution indicators such as:

  • Schedule Completion & Adherence
  • Emergent Work
  • Cost and Schedule Tracking
  • Scope Stability and Survival
  • Parts Tracking (including Long Lead)
  • Permits

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CASSI™ Equipment Reliability

How do you understand reliability problems in your equipment? You get the data — quickly, accurately and consistently.

CASSI™ Equipment Reliability Reporting is key to understanding the performance and condition of a facility’s equipment.  By leveraging CASSI™, a facility can improve the effectiveness of their preventative maintenance and in turn maximize the life of their equipment.

CASSI™ Equipment Reliability includes key indicators such as:

  • Forced Loss Rate
  • Functional Failures
  • Operator Workarounds and Burdens
  • Engineering Backlogs
  • Deferred PM Activities
  • CM Backlog

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