There is a mountain of strategic insight within your data.  Uncover it with SWI’s Advanced Visualization.

Turn your data into interactive graphics with SWI’s Advanced Visualization Toolkit (AVT). This lightweight but powerful solution uses advanced HTML5 visualization components to create compelling and complex data-driven documents.

Leveraging Advanced Visualization

SWI’s Advanced Visualization Toolkit arms you with powerful visual components that facilitate greater insight and visibility, drive business results and let you:

  • Examine network relationships using containment graphs and directed layouts
  • Display multi-dimensional data sets using parallel coordinates and matrix plots
  • Compare data sets
  • Plot time-series data
  • Navigate complex data sets using focus and brushing techniques
  • Enhance your presentation with animated transitions

Simplifying the Complex

SWI’s Advanced Visualization Toolkit seamlessly integrates many technologies into one robust solution. Drawing on internal databases and data from the Internet, SWI brings those data sets together and uses HTML5 to produce visually appealing and interactive displays. By simplifying the complex, advanced data visualization facilitates strategic decision making for your organization.

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