SWI Announces Acquisition by Alithya

Toronto, April 4, 2017- Systemware Innovation Corporation (SWI), a Toronto-based information technology and software consulting firm, has been acquired by Alithya, one of Canada’s leading strategy and information technology consulting firms. For over three decades, SWI has provided software services to the energy and financial sectors spanning engineering, IT, and analytics. This transaction will significantly enhance SWI’s capabilities and provide a wider array of expertise in business areas not previously served including the expansion of Alithya’s FinTech LAB services to the Toronto market.

This acquisition will enable SWI to transition from a 200-employee boutique firm, to a Tier one supplier and increase the Alithya team to 1,500 seasoned consultants. SWI’s Toronto-based management team will continue to service Ontario-based customers, and Alithya will access SWI’s high-profile clients who will benefit from Alithya’s increased capacity and ability to take on major projects across a broader base of industry sectors.

“We are frankly delighted to join forces with one of Canada’s fast growing top strategy and information technology consulting firms and significantly strengthen the scope of our combined service offering to our clients. This new critical mass will meet our customers’ evolving needs and expectations, while at the same time creating new challenging opportunities for our consultants with an entrepreneurial spirit,” adds Nigel Fonseca, Chief Executive Officer of SWI.

“The acquisition is an important step in the execution of our long-term North American strategy and provides a solid base to accelerate our growth outside Quebec. We are therefore very excited to welcome the SWI professionals to our team, which now counts more than 1,500 experts. SWI has an impressive reputation with their customers, and we share a similar culture and values, in addition to a commitment to quality and innovation. The transaction is the logical outcome: SWI was looking for a platform to expand the scope of their operations and we were looking for a high quality, turnkey operation in Ontario,” explains Paul Raymond, Alithya’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

About Alithya
Alithya is one of the most prominent privately held, strategy and information technology consulting firms in Canada. Founded in 1992, the firm advises, guides and assists its clients in their pursuit of innovation and excellence. Alithya prioritizes the achievement of business objectives on every project, through the optimal use of information technology. Its clients are mainly active in financial services, telecommunications, energy, transportation, health care and government services. In addition to the prominent role it affords women, most notably in executive positions, Alithya is known for its deep social commitment. Alithya has more than 1,500 professionals in Canada, the United States and France.

About SWI
SWI is a full service software and engineering consulting firm with a 35-year track record of successfully delivering value added solutions to enterprise customers, primarily in the financial, energy and transportation sectors, including specialized solutions for the nuclear industry. SWI is an industry leader in Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions that assist customers achieve business insight, while improving overall processes. SWI also offers a full range of software consulting services, ranging from software development and integration to strategic planning and project management. SWI has built strong, lasting, long-term relationships with its customers and is trusted to bring business expertise and flawless project execution to high impact technology projects.

For more information, visit www.alithya.com, www.swi.com