Nigel Fonseca


With his superb leadership skills, solid design judgment, deep technical knowledge and innovative thinking, Nigel has gained the respect of both our clients and project teams. Prior to becoming CEO, Nigel served as SWI’s VP Engineering, ensuring SWI’s adherence to sound engineering practices and design integrity principles. Nigel is a control systems expert with extensive experience in both nuclear and oil movement I&C as well as other areas. Over the course of his 15 years with the SWI Group of Companies, Nigel has always and continues to be a driving force behind SWI’s growth and continuous innovation.


Nigel Fonseca, CEO

Margot Loren, COO

John Wherry, CFO, Chairman, Founder

Jim Picha, VP, Financial Practice

Ed Mischkot, VP, Energy Practice

Iain McKone, VP, Business Development

David Tremaine, VP, Quality Practice

Jeff McDougall, VP, Engineering

"SWI did an outstanding job. You displayed a high level perspective with the ability to understand the most detailed technical aspects. This proved to be invaluable."
Bell Canada