Quality is at the core of our commitment to excellence. Quality is built into the system; starting with project initiation right through commissioning and support. Quality cannot be obtained solely through testing. The SWI Quality Pedigree arises from our contributions to the software standards for the development of safety critical systems.

Key manifestations of SWI Quality include:

Originally developed for safety related systems and a Waterfall methodology SWI has advanced and adapted our processes to incorporate:

  • Agile Methodologies
  • Commercial grade software

SWI offers clients a unique competitive benefit – the SWI Advantage™ — a methodology that has been tested and proven over the course of 35 years, incorporating the lessons learned from hundreds of successful projects.

This combined with two other key factors enables SWI to deliver projects on time, every time:

  • Professional staff with domain and technical expertise
  • Strong, decisive leadership with solid project experience

SWI Advantage™ includes a comprehensive set of over 110 guidelines, procedures, tools and checklists that provide SWI clients with assurance that our work is carefully planned, consistently executed and thoroughly verified. At its core is the SWI Quality Management System (SQMS™). Specific client benefits are:


Higher Quality
Lower Project Costs
Improved Management
Accelerated Implementation
Reduced Project Risk
Lower Support Costs

At the core of our SWI Advantage™ methodology is the CMMI L3 and ISO 9001 compliant SWI Quality Management System (SQMS™).

SQMS™ is a comprehensive suite of procedures and guidelines that ensure our projects are conducted effectively and efficiently. The framework it provides allows us to deliver lasting value to our clients. SQMS™ supports both tranditional and agile software engineering approaches and is designed to scale from commercial grade, to mission critical, to safety related projects.

SQMS™ conforms to several international and industry-specific standards including:

  • ISO 9001, Quality Systems
  • ISO 9000-3, Quality Management and Quality Assurance Standards
  • The Capability Maturity Model for Software (Level 3), Version 1.1 from the Software Engineering Institute
  • CSA Z299.2-85-CAN3 Quality Assurance Program
  • The N286.2-00 Design Quality Assurance for Nuclear Power Plants standard from CSA International
  • The N286.7-99 Quality Assurance of Analytical, Scientific and Design Computer Programs for Nuclear Power Plants
  • CSA Q396.1.1-89 Quality Assurance Program for the Development of Software Used in Critical Applications
  • CE-1002-STD (Category II Software Engineering)
  • CE-1003-STD (Category III Software Engineering)

SQMS™ has been successfully audited by CANPAC to ISO 9001 and the following nuclear standards:

  • CSA Z299.2
  • CSA N286.2
  • CSA N286.7
  • CSA Q396.1.1
  • CE-1002-STD (Category II Software Engineering)
  • CE-1003-STD (Category III Software Engineering)