David Tremaine

VP, Quality Practice


Before becoming VP Quality Practice, David served as SWI’s CEO for 6 years, and previously as SWI’s Chief Operating Officer for 6 years. Prior to that, he worked for over 20 years as a consultant on dozens of major projects in the nuclear, transportation, communications and financial industries. David is an expert in Software Quality and the co-author of the system and software engineering standards used by the Canadian nuclear industry. He also created the SWI Quality Management System (SQMS) and SWI Advantage methodology which embodies the proven processes which allow SWI to reliably deliver consistent high quality.

David holds a Bachelor of Science in computer science and applied math from the University of Western Ontario.


Nigel Fonseca, Senior VP, Ontario and Western Canada

Margot Loren, Regional VP Operations, Ontario

Jim Picha, VP Consulting Services, Financial Sector

Ed Mischkot, VP Consulting Services, Energy Sector

Iain McKone, VP Consulting Services, Digital Technology

David Tremaine, VP, Quality Practice

Jeff McDougall, VP, Engineering

"I have found Systemware staff to be very competent and professional. I do not hesitate to recommend Systemware for any job that demands competence with both technical issues and human relations. I want to thank your staff assigned to this complex mission critical project. Their efforts were a major contribution to the overwhelming success of the project."  

Canadian Pacific