Iain McKone

VP Consulting Services, Digital Technology


Iain is a strong business and technical leader with a proven track record for developing and implementing successful growth strategies. Iain has gained the respect of clients and co-workers alike, allowing him to successfully help SWI to grow.

Iain has over 15 years experience in a range of industries, including two years as CEO of SWI sister company, Halcyon Monitoring Solutions. Iain has a superior ability to develop strategies and translating them effectively into execution.

Iain holds a Bachelor in Applied Science in Engineering from the University of Toronto.


Nigel Fonseca, Senior VP, Ontario and Western Canada

Margot Loren, Regional VP Operations, Ontario

Jim Picha, VP Consulting Services, Financial Sector

Ed Mischkot, VP Consulting Services, Energy Sector

Iain McKone, VP Consulting Services, Digital Technology

David Tremaine, VP, Quality Practice

Jeff McDougall, VP, Engineering

"From the top of the organization, all the  way down, SWI is committed to doing quality work.  It is easy to be proud of what I do when I feel supported like this. It has been a pleasure to work alongside such talented people."
– Jeff McDougall, SWI Employee