Jim Picha

VP Consulting Services, Financial Sector


Jim is a seasoned veteran of the capital markets sector. Since joining SWI in 1988, Jim has been the architect and driving force behind many mission critical projects in the nuclear and financial industries. He has provided crucial technical leadership in the creation of the product lines for SWI's sister companies Halcyon Monitoring Solutions and xkoto. With his clear thinking and practical management style, Jim is sought after by clients for his reliable ability to deliver complex projects with tight deadlines. Other SWI project managers look to him as a mentor and a benchmark to measure their talents against.

Jim earned Bachelors and Masters degrees in engineering physics at the University of British Columbia.


Nigel Fonseca, Senior VP, Ontario and Western Canada

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Jim Picha, VP Consulting Services, Financial Sector

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"SWI did an outstanding job. You displayed a high level perspective with the ability to understand the most detailed technical aspects. This proved to be invaluable."
Bell Canada