Analytics Solutions


SWI offers analytics solutions that harness a company’s data, analytics-solutionsthen use it to provide key insights into their business performance and gain competitive advantage.

All businesses strive to improve performance. Analytics provide actionable insights into business issues and allow you to make well informed business decisions.

Whether you are new to analytics, or already have a solution in place, SWI can help identify where you are now and where you need to be.

SWI’s clients can take advantage of some unique features, including:

  • SWI’s in-house Technology Centre allows our clients to work with us on a proof of concept before investing heavily in the larger project.
  • SWI’s Advanced Visualization Toolkit is a lightweight framework that generates data-driven documents using HTML5 components. It lets you enhance your analytics data with interactive graphics driven by your data.


Big Data

Big Data Solutions

Big Data is an emerging technology designed big-datato efficiently process very large volumes of data.

SWI provides expert services in architecting and implementing advanced Data Solutions using Big Data tools and capabilities, including:

  • Hadoop distributed storage and compute solutions
  • Spark Distributed in-memory computations
  • Streaming, Reactive Systems and Streaming analytics
  • No-SQL and Search solutions
  • Cloud based solutions

SWI is a technical partner with Hortonworks, Cloudera, Microsoft Azure and IBM and is well poised to deliver Big Data solutions in all the leading distributions and configurations!

Download the Apache Spark White Paper

What is Big Data?

The term Big Data was originally synonymous with Map-Reduce as a way to allow organizations to query very large Data Sets.

The term Big Data has grown significantly since its humble origin, and now refers to a collection of new tools and advanced capabilities that allow organization to take full advantage of all their data in a timely fashion.

The Big Data Tool Box includes:

  • Distributed, cost Effective storage (HDFS)
  • Large computational cluster management (YARN)
  • Real-time Computation (Storm, Spark, Flink)
  • Event based reactive systems (Kafka)
  • Easy ingestion and SQL on non-traditional data sources such as JSON and XML (Hive, Spark)
  • Non-SQL Databases (HBASE)
  • Search capabilities (Solr, Elasticsearch)
  • Advanced Analytics capabilities

Is Big Data a replacement to my traditional Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting systems?

Although Big Data could emulate many aspects of traditional BI, it is not aimed to be a replacement to it. Most companies find that the best ROI is realized by building hybrid systems that benefits from utilizing the best of both Big Data and traditional BI capabilities.


Cloud Solutions


SWI offers solutions, services and support to cloud-solutionshelp companies implement their own Cloud-based system.
Backend – hosted Peer1, Q9 or other SSAE 16 / CSAE 3416 compliant providers

We provide a comprehensive set of services designed to help your business maximize the benefits that cloud computing has to offer. These include:

  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Development and Integration Services
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Hosting and Support Services

SWI enables you to leverage the cloud to reduce IT costs, improve performance and spend more time focusing on your business objectives. You can count on our:

Experience & Guidance

SWI understands that no two businesses are alike. Our approach allows us to create a cloud migration plan that is customized to your specific business requirements.

Best of Breed Expertise

SWI believes in using the best technologies available so our clients get the maximum benefits. We use proven platforms provided by Amazon AWS, Microsoft, and and leverage our technical knowledge to ensure that the services we deliver are built to the highest level of quality.

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SWI is committed to seeing our clients succeed, so we offer support services designed to assist you through all phases of the cloud migration process. This includes dedicated account managers/project resources, training for your staff, post-implementation assistance and help desk support.


Because we know security to be a fundamental consideration for any cloud-based initiative, SWI uses industry best practices and leading technologies to ensure your data is safeguarded at all times.


SWI approaches client relationships as long-term partnerships. As your business scales, we are always available to discuss ways in which cloud computing can help you maintain your level of service.


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Mobile Solutions

Mobile devices are transforming the business environment. mobileEnterprises are taking advantage of the convenience, flexibility and functional integration that enhances the user experience, increases effectiveness and offers unprecedented levels of access to business data.

SWI helps firms get the most out of their mobile initiatives – from custom, high-quality enterprise mobile applications to corporate Mobile Device Management solutions.

Enterprise Mobile Applications

Enterprise Mobile Applications transform the way business is conducted by:

  • Reducing sales cycle time
  • Improving decision-making
  • Increasing employee responsiveness
  • Quickening resolution of issues
  • Establishing new sales channels
  • Reducing inventory costs
  • Increasing brand recognition

SWI offers customized mobile applications for your specific business needs, including solutions for iPhone, Blackberry, Playbook and all Android devices.

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